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(all testimonies are with the full consent of the publishers the last names of the customers were, for security reasons - removed harassment! The emails have been partially translated by Google translation )  


Jean A. California USA

Oh my God! I just got home and I got a Facebook message from her!!!! She has not spoken to me since July 2011. I am freaking out OMG!!!!! This Is Amazing!!!! She sent the message at 114 AM 

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Daan M. Nederlands

I cannot believe still now, that I got after my ritual luck and money. Now my life is going in a positive way - Thanks for all . I`m sure I will come back if I have an other problem one day.

Sabine, F. Nürnberg 

has worked so fast that I never thought - thank you

Roberto S. Zurich, Switzerland

I knew, I am a very serious case and looked forward tomany shamans, witches and priests. But now it finally works. Even if it had lasted a bit. Ihdanke you very much!

Petra K. Stuttgart

Germany to be allowed to be present when ritual and to be integrated,for me it was a very special experience that I do not want to miss. Thank you master

Robert K., Rotherdam, Holland                                                                                                                                      

My business was on the verge of collapse. I am the managing director of a family business. I ran from pillar to post as I watched heplessly as my business go down from day to day. I even comtemplated suicide…until I met priest  Today, the rest is a story I will live to tell to my children and grand children. 

Peter M., Tel Aviv, Isreal,                                                                                                                          

Day and night, my daughter of 16 years could not sleep at night. There were voices. The sewing machine will begin to sew without anyone on it. The toilet will flush and I will rush in only to find it empty. Suddenly a bulb will light up in an empty room. I was going out of my head until I met my priest who finally brought peace and sleep to my home

Claudia K. München, Germany
After many happy years of marriage, my husband broke off suddenly and turned to me from vonb because he met a younger woman. Our daughter was 10 years old at the time. Day and night I was crying and not knowing where to turn. But Master Kaboo came like a flash in my life and so my life changed again to positvien, because my husband came back to me within a short time. Thank Kaboo, you havebrought me back my husband! 

Edward & Brigette R., Manchester, UK                                                                                              

our marriage was of course conducted in the anglican church of England. but later, Edward suggested we cement the marriage with Priest Ijebu. naturally, i was initially skeptical. i asked, why? Edward explained that a marriage conducted under Priest Kaboo is unbreakeable. today, we are 18 years married and everyday, looks like we were married yesterday. we cannot  be happier. Thanks Master kaboo  that we found you in the internet and we can write this mial.

San Jose Antonia, D. Valencia, Spain 
Are married with great desire to enjoy life. since entering the crisis, has bow-legged all automatically. but thanks, today has become the joy you seeanother in my house.

Fernadnez Alonso G., Barcelona, Spain 
“I felt I needed help because when things were going well then all of a sudden bam they turned wrong two steps up four back I needed help and protection.
Priest Ijebu carried out a special ritual  for protection, and he also rejected all evil forces around me. Today I am a new person. I walk in the street no fears, and confident. My life has changed for good.”

Susanna O., Wien, Austria
“I was unemployed for over a year, I was back in my bills, I used all my savings trying to survive the crisis, I tried everything, and then I found this Priest  online. I was skeptical at the beginning, and I could not afford wasting money that I needed. He explained to me how voodoo works, and its roots. After two weeks, I received the most fantastic phone call in time. A well known food company called me, and offers a President Assistant position. I cannot be any happier. My life changed…I paid my past due bills, and saving again.”

Inge L. , Leipzig, Germany
“ I was struggling.
I had no money at all. I needed some change in my life, and Master Kaboo helped me. I was about to lose my house, and I had no job. Two weeks after I contacted Priest kaboo I got a new job. Now, I can sleep tight because he solved my money problems. Thanks Master kaboo.”

Gabi H., Salzburg, Austria 
“ I had many problems at job because my boss’s saw in me a threat to their position. She framed me up many times (hiding some reports I had sent, and then telling me that I had not sent the report). She was doing as much as possible to make me look bad in front of other managers, and had an excuse to fire me. In just a couple of weeks, Priest kaboo changed everything for good. My today’s “ex-boss” was found that she was hiding all my reports, and she was fired. I was promoted to her position. Thanks for clarifying the situation.”

Leonie P., Leon, France 
“Despite my religion (Hebrew) I contacted Bizango-voodoo.  My family had this family business for generations. I inherited it, and it was under a lot of pressure keeping the business as successful as my family left it when they retired. Due to competition, and economic crisis the numbers went down. Balances were in red color. Priest Ijebu  was very clear explaining how the process would be, and after four (6) weeks my old clients called, and new ones too.
People from overseas were interested in our products, and in a new line I was designing. My family, and me are very proud of my job….off course thanks to Bizango-Voodoo”.

Dominico A, Rioo Maggiore, Italy
“My boyfriend met this lady at a night club. She has a mental illness. He told me that he loves me, he does not know what happened to him, and he felt lost without me. He does not love or want to be with this woman but for some reason he said to me he could not leave her house.
Someone told me that she had put something on him to keep him away from me. Priest kaboo reverse the whole thing back, and showed my boyfriend the door to escape out of her house.  Our relationship is stronger than ever. He is here with me, and she moved to Palemo, Sicily. Thanks for bringing my life back.”

Danjuma T, jos plateau stae, Nigeria 
“I really wanted my ex to  return to me, but I also wanted the reassurance that this actually works and that I will not be taken advantage of . I did not have a lot of money so I wanted this to work. I wanted my ex back and I will do anything to get her back. I love her and want only her in my life. Priest Kaboo went over some important details of my life, and after casting the spell, my loved Lisa called me back, and moved in again with me. We are very happy now.”

Catherine S., California, USA
“My husband was acting weird for some weeks, and like nothing he said he was leaving us me, and our 2 kids.  I was referred by a good friend of mine to contact Priest kaboo. I thought it is crazy, he gave me my husband back, and like magic, that lady that was between us went back to Mexico.
She has done some Voodoo on my family, but Priest Kaboo gave the peace back to my home. I will thank you forever.”

Thomas W. Bern, Swiss
“I had been with my ex-girlfriend for 2 years, and her ex-boyfriend did something to make him go back.. I needed her because our little daughter, and me loved her so much. I wanted her to brake whatever influence my wife was under. Voodoo Priest kaboo took care of the case, and in a month my girlfriend came back again. She is committed now to our relationship, and is a responsible mother. Priest Ijebu saved my relationship. Thanks a lot.”

Patty M, Texas, USA                                                                                                                  

  “I was involved with my boyfriend for 3years, and one day out of the blue ,he just left me without an explanation, it felt like someone just erased me out of his life forever. He did not call or come by, and I wanted to know if he was cheating on me and what should I do.  Priest Kaboo  was very serious and told me he was seeing someone else, but that he could bring him back. After a month my Alan knocked the door very sorry about what happened. Today we are engaged and he is 100%, and full time mine….Do not have the words to thank Priest Kaboo enough.” 

Andrea  I, Friedrichsheim, Deutschland                                                                                              

Several times I had long distance - to perform rituals, butagain it was a waste of money - rip off! Master - Kaboo really leads through rituals,not what I thought before. I was fully integrated into the ritual, it was not only aaußdergewöhnliches experience, but finally I was helped with my problem. Thank youmaster - Kaboo, I'll come with backup someday again and recommend you continue!

Christina A. Salzburg, Austria                                                                                                                 

Several times I had long distance - to perform rituals, butagain it was a waste of money - rip off! Master - Kaboo really leads through rituals,not what I thought before. I was fully integrated into the ritual, it was not only aaußdergewöhnliches experience, but finally I was helped with my problem. Thank you master , I'll come with backup someday again and recommend you continue!

Freja `. S. `Malmo, Sweden                                                                                            

I was totally financially at the end, the court was alreadyalmost at the door and I did not know how I should pay the ritual. I threw the wedding ringof my dead mother, and paid to the ritual. It was my last hope. And you have disappointed me, You gave me helped me. I do not know how I can thank you.

Nils.M, Stavoren, Holland
I heard a strange noise, felt a cold draft and some items were no longer the same place. I understood nothing. Yes, I thought I'm going crazy. But I was not crazy! It was the spirit of my wife, who spat in our small house. It was hard to believe. I went to see specialists, until I came to Ijebu priest. I ordered the master in my house to the noticeable phenomena would pursue. This High Priest  brought much of Africa and remained about 2 weeks to alele was ok again. Thank You


M. Louise Brussels, Belgium,
You give me might, through a ritual not help but thank you anyway because of yourhonesty, You left me at once to come in the mail, others have taken place with security is a ritual - even in a hopeless - thanks that you me one corresponding theretotherapists have passed



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