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No case is ever the same. just as no finger print is alike. each finger print belongs exlusively to the owner. in order words, no voodoo case is ever so the same. some cases are easily perfected with a simple voodoo procedure, while others require a more profound and repeated procedures.


Cases can become difficult and complicated and results can seem elusive. but i can tell you confidentially that with my over 35 years of experience with voodoo, no case has ever proved impossible!! it can be delayed due to extenuating factors, but with patience, endurance and faith, the outcome of each and every case will be fully realised.


here are a few examples of cases that may prove difficult

- Black Magic

- infertility

- low sperm count

- blockages

- wicthcraft (especially by family member)

- insecurity in ones abilities

- inferiority complex

- lack of companionship


from the history of human civilisation, sacrifice has been a part of the human culture. in ancient Isreal, Jehova asked the children of Isreal to kill an animal and splashed the blood on their door post. that night, he planned to passed through Egypt to slay every first son of the recalcitrant Egytians. when Jehova passed, spared all houses that had blood on it. this just a simple example of the sacredness of blood.


as the above example show, blood and animal sacrifice is not uncommon to Bizango Voodoo. when a case become complicated and results seems far away, i often revert to animal sacrifice as the quickest way of bringing relief to my clients. of course in conjunction with other voodoo priest. i must warn however that this final procedure is an expensive procedure. i revert to it only as a final solution to a complicated case.


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